Friday, May 15, 2015

It gets better

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, right, embraces his husband
Gauthier Destenay after their marriage at the town hall in Luxembourg,
on Friday, May 15, 2015.

Luxembourg's gay PM marries his partner

LUXEMBOURG — The prime minister of Luxembourg has married his partner a year after the tiny, staunchly Roman Catholic nation’s parliament approved a law allowing same-sex marriage.
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at first said he wanted to have a very private wedding, but by Friday morning, he had already posted a picture of himself with Belgian partner Gauthier Destenay on his Twitter profile page. The official ceremony at Luxembourg City Hall occurred late Friday afternoon.
Bettel, a 42-year-old lawyer, heads the free-market DP liberals, who entered a coalition government with the Socialists and the Greens to end 34 years of Christian Democrat reign in Luxembourg. On July 1, this nation of 520,000 will take over the presidency of the 28-nation European Union, giving Bettel major international exposure.
Shoehorned between Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg has been at the heart of European affairs since the founding of the EU in 1957. It was long seen as a picture of sedate bourgeois conservatism, yet it has become a major financial center, giving it clout well beyond its size.
Bettel has also reinvigorated the political scene with reforms. Last year, lawmakers overwhelmingly approved changes to allow people of the same sex to wed and to adopt children — part of the most fundamental revision of Luxembourg’s laws on marriage since 1804.
In 2010, Iceland’s prime minister married her partner in what was believed to be the first same-sex wedding of a ruling government leader in Europe.
Source: The Associated Press, May 15, 2015


N a m o r a d o said...

Super cute!

another country said...

Yes, cute couple!

JiEL said...


Cependant, du point de vue canadien et québécois, c'est un événement bien «normal«»..

Nous avons eu un premier ministre «gay».
En Ontario, la première ministre est lesbienne.
Nous avons plusieurs députés gais aussi...

Donc, une union gaie devrait être «banal» au même titre qu'une union «hétéro»..

Le jour où cela sera «mainstream» pour TOUS, il n'y aura plus aucune discrimination basée sur l'orientation sexuelle au même titre que la race ou la religion.

Évidemment, il faudra quand même travailler sur les «poches de résistances» qui subsistent dans plusieurs pays dont ceux qui sont basés sur la loi islamique etc...

another country said...

C'est un événement qui va dans la bonne direction. C'est une étape de plus vers la banalisation. J'applaudis des deux mains. Tous mes voeux de bonheur aux jeunes mariés !

JiEL said...

17 mai, journée contre l'homophobie..

Belle exposition à Montréal de photos «Les Couples Imaginaires»...

Au Québec, mariage gai et adoption sont monnaie courante.