Thursday, July 23, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz
unashamedly congratulates couple of idiotic airheads
for refusing to serve gays "in defense of religious liberty"


Galway Ireland said...

They want their freedom, but won't allow others to theirs! Hypocrites!

another country said...

Bigots! :)

Anonymous said...

Wait! The unctuous senator refers to "...this church that you own"???
You can OWN a church? They've got a catering hall, it sounds like; and they've declared that it's a church.
They open this catering hall, where weddings are held, and when the law is changed to require that catering halls, if they serve the public, cannot discriminate against same-sex couples who want to have a catered wedding, in any catering hall that they choose.
So then they declare that "This catering hall is a church, and it has a religion that does not perform same-sex weddings."
Did it always have this "religion," or did it suddenly NEED to have a religion so that it could claim that its "religious liberties"--an oxymoron if ever there was one--were being threatened by the new law?
Sane and civilized societies, the French for example, need to keep any and all religions AWAY from the government, far far away. Because religions come from "God," and "God" is bigger than any government and all laws, except his own thousands of contradictory ones, and then this nonsense is what you get.
Along with charlatans who want to be dictators, with "God" at their side--or rather, sitting on one knee, like a dummy, with the senators fingers making "God's" lips flap up and down. Jesus Christ, what morons! Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave.

danny said...

I did! Where did it go?

Celeos said...

My fucking Greek gods told me that they don't care anything about human wedding.
Hephaïstos was very interested in roasting those self-pretending Christian people or whatever you want refusing gay marriage.

Polytheism is a much more accommodating religion, don't you think so?

another country said...

Religions suck. I don't believe in an afterlife -- although I'm bringing a change of underwear.

Celeos said...

Neither I do. In anything such as believing. No underwear, no clothes, no skin, no blood, no bones. Just a fine breeze blowing in my mind.