Sunday, July 19, 2015

Photograph: Ben Quinton for the Guardian

Tom Daley: 'I always knew I was attracted to guys'
After London 2012, the Olympic diver reached a low. Then he travelled the world, fell in love, came out (on his own terms) – and hit the form of his life
It’s lovely to see you so at ease with yourself, I say. “Well, touch wood,” he says. “I keep saying that, because anything can go wrong at any point, but – touch wood – things are going really well right now. I’m feeling good about going into the world championships, feeling good about the Olympics next year, things outside diving are going really well.”
Anyway, he says, if there ever were any danger of him getting carried away, he’s always got his family to bring him back down to earth. “D’you know the first thing they said after I got bronze at the Olympics? ‘Ha ha, you came third!’ ”
Source: The Guardian, Simon Hattenstone, July 18, 2015

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Attracted to guys's peniss or butts,or both?