Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Norman Rockwell, Edison Mazda advertisement, 1920
And Every Lad May Be Aladdin (Crackers in Bed)

Norman Rockwell, Edison Mazda advertisement, 1920

Source: The Saturday Evening Post

All these secrets in that room waiting to be revealed.
I started to explore all the details. I noticed the subtle, gentle way the view outside his window was painted; the welcoming lights of the next-door neighbor’s, the first stars peaking out of the sky. The cord of the window shade inexplicably caught in the drapes — this detail fascinated me. A quiet, off-kilter wink that directs your attention back to the boy instead of out the window. I noticed the hilt of the sword stuck behind the painting on the wall above him, difficult to make out at first. An indication of adventure. Some sort of animal and a man are pictured in the painting — the man appears to be backing away from the beast. Deep shadows against the wall create a powerful silhouette of the boy and contrast with the very strong light of the lamp. I almost missed the dog, sleeping contentedly, one with the quilt and the line of the boy’s propped up legs. Then I noticed the worn shoes, one resting on the other, mirroring the dog resting on the boy’s feet.

I noticed the books on the side table, and the lamp cord falling into shadow beyond the light’s reach. The dog’s markings reflect the pattern in the quilt mirroring the pattern of the glass lampshade. And what is the boy eating – is that a box of crackers?

Never before had I seen my grandfather’s work with fresh eyes — for the first time I didn’t bring my history into viewing it. I had complete purity of vision, and I now understood what people have always said to me — that to enter into the magic of one of his paintings, the world he created, is to be truly transported. Read more.

See the complete set of the Edison Mazda Advertisement series illustrated by Norman Rockwell from the pages of The Saturday Evening Post.


another country said...

Unquestionably my all-time favorite painting by Norman Rockwell.

JiEL said...

Un de mes peintres américains préféré car il a su dépeindre la vie des gens «ordinaires» des USA du début du XXième siècle.

D'ailleurs, j'ai visité son musée à Philadelphie et, évidemment, j'ai acheté le livre de sa vie et de son oeuvre.

joseph said...

un peintre extraordinaire surtout dans l'expression des visages ! mais ma peinture préférée reste celle intitulée "each according to his own conscience" et ses dérivées

another country said...

Difficile de faire un choix dans cette oeuvre prolifique et monumentale.