Sunday, October 25, 2015

It gets better -- but not everywhere

Russia to Criminalize Coming Out

Two years after Russian president Vladimir Putin signed into law a nationwide ban on so-called gay propaganda, conservative lawmakers are considering making that law even more punitive for LGBT people, calling for additional fines and jail time for those who dare to come out in public.
The new bill is being drafted as an amendment to Russia's infamous ban on "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations," which currently imposes fines and censure for any person or agency making pro-LGBT statements in any venue that could be accessible to minors. The original legislation was drafted by members of Putin's ruling United Russia Party, though both chambers of Russia's legislature passed the law unanimously.

If the proposed amendment is signed into law, anyone who publicly declares a "'non-traditional sexual orientation' could be fined 5,000 roubles ($80) for 'demonstrating [their] own expressed sexual preferences in public places," reports Newsweek Europe. Making such a declaration in a school, "cultural establishment," or government building could land the offender in jail for 15 days. Read more.
Source:, October 23, 2015

Vatican Declares There Is
“No Grounds” For Gay Marriage

Forgive me Holy Father for I have sinned with another boy.

The Church's Synod on the Family concluded with a summary document that left little room for same-sex relationships.
We didn’t think the news coming out of the Vatican’s Synod on the Family would be warm and fuzzy, but it seems any openness to LGBT Catholics is out the window.
The official gathering concluded in Rome this weekend [October 24-25], as bishops voted on a summary document that reaffirmed the Church’s hard line on homosexuals and gay marriage.
The document declares same-sex marriage as “not even remotely analogous” to heterosexual marriage, a far cry from Francis’ more conciliatory language last year.
While homosexuals should not be discriminated against, the Bishops agreed, there was “absolutely no grounds” for gay marriage.
The division within the Church was apparent throughout the gathering, with the Pope revealing “different opinions… were freely expressed – and at times, unfortunately, not in entirely well-meaning ways.”
Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa of Poland came out as gay and in a relationship the day before the synod began. He was summarily relieved of his duties and has now been defrocked. Read more.
Source: New Now Next, Dan Avery, October 25, 2015

As of October 23, gays caught having sex
in Indonesia's Aceh province
will be punished by 100 lashes

Public caning for Sharia violators in Indonesia's Aceh Province
Public caning for Sharia violators in Indonesia's Aceh Province

LGBTI people caught having sex in Indonesia’s Aceh province will be punished by 100 lashes of the cane from today [October 23, 2015].
Anal sex between men and ‘the rubbing of body parts between women for stimulation’ is outlawed in the western province under a Sharia bylaw that came into force on Friday (23 October), and applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

‘The law is to safeguard human dignity. It is to protect Aceh’s Muslims from committing immoral acts,’ provincial Sharia chief Syahrizal Abbas told AFP.

Gambling, drinking alcohol and fraternizing with the opposite sex outside of marriage are already punishable by public caning in the Aceh.

Canings are carried out with a thin rattan stick and can be substituted for a fine of up to 100 grams of gold or 100 months in jail. Read more.

Source: Death Penalty News, October 23, 2015

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