Monday, February 15, 2016

Marcos, 25 and Shawn, 40

Together: 3 1/2 months
What does love mean to each of you?
Marcos: Caring and trusting someone so much that it makes you vulnerable. Whether it's a lover, a best friend, or your parents or siblings. Care, trust and vulnerability are common denominators of love. And loving someone selflessly, to me, starts with respect. When love is mutual, it leaves you feeling with a sense of safety and security, so being vulnerable becomes easy and not so scary.
Shawn: For me, love is having someone in your life whom you trust completely, whom you want as a friend. Someone whom you suspect is a better person than you are and encourages you to be better than you are. Someone who challenges what you thought you knew and wanted while making you feel completely secure.

Parker, 21 and Cole, 23

: 2 years
What does love mean to each of you?
Cole: Smoking weed and watching "Bad Girls Club"
Parker: Love is a balance of sharing in the joy of our similarities while challenging each other through the complexities of difference. It is as much a project of self as it is a project of partnership; it inspires security as much as it requires faith. Ultimately, love rewards, tests, and nurtures. That being said, in its truest form, love is truly just smoking weed and watching "Bad Girls Club" together.

For Valentine's Day, we wanted to attempt to visually represent the way that falling in love can mean seeing and experiencing the world in a totally different way.

To accomplish this, Huff Post photographer Damon Dahlen ventured into the homes 14 different queer couples in New York City and shot their portraits but with a twist: at least one person in each photo is levitating... Read more. (Source: Huff Post, Feb. 14, 2016)


JiEL said...


Tous ces jeunes «couples» qui nous jettent leur bonheur plein la figure....

DÉCOURAGEANT pour nous, les «vieux»....

On a manqué le train et là, on a que notre solitude en partage..

joseph said...

ce n'est peutêtre pas atteindre le septième ciel mais c'est mieux que de simplement s' envoyer en l'air!

another country said...

@ Jean-Luc : Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux.

@ Joseph : Dans un train de banlieue, on partait pour Cythère...

JiEL said...

Merci pour ton commentaire quelque peu «incisif» pour me rappeler ma vie de «vieux».... SNIFF! SNIFF !

another country said...

Jean-Luc :

Moi, mes amours d'antan, c'était de la grisette
Car le coeur à vingt ans se pose où il se pose
"Je te plais, tu me plais..." et c'était dans la manche
Et les grands sentiments n'étaient pas de rigueur
"Je te plais, tu me plais. Viens donc beau militaire"
Dans un train de banlieue on partait pour Cythère

- Georges Brassens, Les amours d'antan (YouTube)