Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Proposal Would Excavate Central Park
to Build a Horizontal Skyscraper

Central Park's Horizontal Skyscraper

The first-place winner of eVolo’s 2016 Skyscraper Competition—an annual contest that bills itself as a forum for “visionary ideas” that in reality range from provocative to pure science-fiction insanity—proposes [a radically new] approach. “New York Horizon” by Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu is a radical, dystopian plan for a horizontal skyscraper embedded in the perimeter of a sunken Central Park.

By revealing hidden bedrock beneath Central Park, they write, and creating space for the horizontal building, they would “[break] the traditional perception of large-scale skyscrapers” without using up “valuable ground area” in Manhattan, creating 7 square miles of additional space. The structure would be covered in “highly reflective glass” on all sides, they explain, to create “an illusion of infinity.” (Source: Slate, The Eye, Kristin Hohenadel, March 29, 2016. Read more...)

Central Park

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another country said...

Une idée complètement délirante (que voit-on de l'autre côté du mur ?), mais les architectes, cette race venue d'un autre monde, a déjà fait pire. La présente proposition a l'avantage d'être totalement originale et novatrice...