Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Issues Expansive Apology After Praising Nancy Reagan’s AIDS Advocacy

"Yesterday, at Nancy Reagan’s funeral, I said something inaccurate when speaking about the Reagans’ record on HIV and AIDS. Since then, I’ve heard from countless people who were devastated by the loss of friends and loved ones, and hurt and disappointed by what I said. As someone who has also lost friends and loved ones to AIDS, I understand why. I made a mistake, plain and simple. I want to use this opportunity to talk not only about where we’ve come from, but where we must go in the fight against HIV and AIDS."
- This statement was released by Hillary Clinton on her Facebook page on March 11, 2016

Clinton apology: What's missing?

"Hilary Clinton and her campaign staff get it together to issue an almost complete and appropriate apology. What's missing? An explanation of how [she] could have made the comments in the first place. Here's the key piece she needs to add:
"I made those comments because like many Americans, I wasn't noticing as the gay community and others were fighting for their lives in the 1980s. My memory of that time is as wrong as my lack of attention was. I have learned better, so I'm deeply sorry both for my comments and for my ignorance in the early years of the crisis."
- Gerard Koskovich, March 12, 2016. Mr. Koskovich is a San Francisco-based historian and LGBT activist.

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