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‘I’d rather be a terrorist than a gay man’

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Mateen stalked the dance floor and bathrooms of Pulse – a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida – shooting men and women, whether they were standing, running, embracing their partner, or lying injured on the floor.
During the massacre it is reported that he phoned the FBI at least three times. A witness who survived the ordeal heard the shooter asking for the US to stop “killing ISIL.” The director of the FBI, James Comey, describes how Mateen called 911 immediately before the attack, claiming allegiance to ISIL, but also mentioning the Boston Marathon bombers who were inspired by a-Qaida and Abusalha, who blew himself up for al-Nursa. Comey notes that al-Nursa and ISIL are, in fact, fighting each other in Syria.
In short, Mateen’s claims are a jumble, like a man snatching at fragments, with no understanding or grasp of the murderous ideology he purports is driving him to murder. Some might argue that there is no way to understand such an ideology, that is, in essence, unfathomable, but there is a way to assemble basic facts coherently. In 2013, when the FBI first questioned Mateen he cited family connections to al-Qaida only to then say he was a member of Hezbollah, which is a Shiite terrorist organization ideologically opposed to a-Qaida, a Sunni terrorist organisation.
Hearing the depravity of his crimes, it is understandable why we might overlook the oddity of his phone calls. But they are revealing. The terrorists flying the hijacked planes on September 11th didn’t call to make clear that their actions should be considered an act of terror. They didn’t call to make it clear, should there be any doubt, that they were terrorists. Why would they? Their acts of terror spoke for themselves. These were not men suffering from an anxiety of how they would be perceived. The letter carried by Mohammad Atta, found in his suitcases that didn’t make it onto the flight, is a detailed, meticulous outline regarding the attack, with complex references to religious texts. It was never intended for the world. It was intended for the attackers. It can be read online in full, translated – a dense impenetrable document, controlled and measured, consistent with a terrifying and fanatical system of thought.
In contrast, Omar Mateen’s phone calls are vague statements. In short, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or what he wants from the world. What he does know, however, is that the FBI were going to find out that he’d used a gay dating app. That he’d been to Pulse before, that he’d sat and drank, on his own, confused and tormented by his sexual desires. That he’d tried, in a stilted uncertain fashion, to hook up with gay men by sending them photos of his genitalia. Omar Mateen was calling because he was worried that his mass murder would be misunderstood. He was calling because he wanted the world to understand these 49 deaths had nothing to do with his sexuality. He was desperate that his murderous actions should be understood as an ideology of hatred. A person could be proud of terror. But only a deviant could be proud of being gay.
The lies we choose often reveal the truth. I have no doubt that Mateen suffered intolerance during his life, directed at his faith or his race – but it was the intolerance directed at his sexuality that consumed him. In front of the FBI he felt able to confess to feeling the pain of intolerance, but not its true underpinning.
To this end, I don’t believe he was self-radicalised. He was radicalised by many and varied preachers of hate towards gay communities. His father, with the injured still in a critical condition in hospital, spoke about the inevitability of God punishing gays therefore making an attack upon them superfluous. This repulsive homophobia could not even be held in check by the fact that his son had just murdered 49 people. Why? Even bigots can be tactful. I’m struck that he was quick to describe the attack as an act of terror, accepting his son is now a hated terrorist, but emphatic, despite the evidence, that his son was not gay. He seems very willing to go along with his son’s presentation of events – terror, yes, gay, no.
Every gay man and woman is well aware that there exists in the world a deep rooted hatred towards us. We move to cities and countries where it cannot touch us, we avoid people who display it, we’re constantly navigating paths around it. Not everyone has the means to avoid it, because it’s so prevalent. I don’t understand the hatred, but I feel it, intensely, all the time – and I’m lucky in terms of my circumstances.

Ultimately Mateen must carry full responsibility for his crimes. He was not under the rule of ISIL, he lived in a society where he could have charted an independent course, away from whatever hatred he was exposed too. He had options. He was a coward, in the nightclub, and before it, hiding behind homophobic statements rather than admitting the truth to himself. 
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Source: Gay Times, Tom Rob Smith, June 21, 2016

Man Claims He Had an Intimate
Relationship With Orlando Shooter

Univision interviewed a man Tuesday who claims that he had a sexual relationship with Omar Mateen for two months, and that the shooter frequented Pulse because he was attracted to Latino men.

“He adored Latinos, gay Latinos, with brown skin — but he felt rejected. He felt used by them — there were moments in the Pulse nightclub that made him feel really bad. Guys used him. That really affected him,” said the man, identified only as "Miguel." "I believe this crazy horrible thing he did — that was revenge."
The man wore a disguise while appearing on TV. He told Univision that Mateen, who left 49 victims dead at Pulse and 53 wounded, many of whom were Puerto Rican, held a grudge against Puerto Ricans because he felt "used" by them. Miguel claims Mateen once told him that he had sex with a man who waited until after they had intercourse to notify him that he was HIV-positive.

Mateen became paranoid that he had HIV, claimed Miguel. "I asked him, 'Did you do a test?' Yes. He went to the pharmacy and did the test … it came out negative but it doesn't come out right away. It takes four, five months," Miguel told Univision.
"When I asked him what he was going to do now, his answer was 'I'm going to make them pay for what they did to me,'" said Miguel.
Miguel said he met Mateen on a gay dating site and the two quickly became "friends with benefits." Miguel described Mateen as "a very sweet guy" who "loved to be cuddled." "He was looking for love," said Miguel. The man said he was "stunned" when he heard about the shooting at Pulse because he never saw a violent side to Mateen.

Miguel claims that he met with Mateen at least 15 to 20 times but never knew his name. He only knew that Mateen was a 35-year-old married man with a child. The two last met in December, and Miguel contended that Mateen's wife knew that her husband was "100 percent" gay and that their marriage was a cover for his sexuality.
The man reported that Mateen expressed resentment over his dad's views on LGBT people. He says Mateen's father believed that "gay people [are] the devil and gay people have to die."
Miguel told Univision that he's spoken with the FBI three times. Univision reported that the FBI confirmed to them that the agency had met with Miguel. But the FBI's lead investigator said Monday that "those allegations are still being vetted out as we speak and there’s no determination to be made at this time." Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in a news conference today, wouldn't confirm reports that Mateen had frequented other gay bars in the area. Read more...
Source: The Advocate, June 21, 2016

The FBI Is Anonymously Calling
LGBT Witnesses 'Not Credible'

The FBI still has provided no explanation for what led Omar Mateen to kill 49 people and wound 53 others in an attack on a gay nightclub on Latin Night. But someone at the FBI is anonymously telling multiple media outlets that Omar Mateen didn’t have a secret gay life.

The witnesses who’ve come forward aren’t buying it, and some are striking back at the FBI for its failures leading up to the shooting. The FBI had interviewed Mateen a number of times before the shooting and removed him from a terrorist watchlist.

Kevin West had first told the Los Angeles Times he talked with Mateen on the gay dating app, Jack’d, for a year.

"It's almost certain that he covered his tracks," West told the Orlando Sentinel in response to the FBI’s anonymous quotes. "Lots of people are still secretive about it. They say they don't show their face online because, 'I'm not out to my family, or because of my career.'"

In other words, the FBI is naive if it really expected to find gay dating apps on Mateen’s phone, or anything in his Internet browsing history, or any saved photos from others, or gay porn on his phone — all things someone anonymously cited when telling the Los Angeles Times the FBI hadn’t turned up reason to believe Mateen led a secret life. People in the closet would be careful not to have left such an obvious trail. But, it’s not actually clear why the FBI claims it hasn’t found any evidence, because it hasn’t revealed what it checked on the record.

When asked on the record, both attorney general Loretta Lynch and Ron Hopper, the assistant special agent from the FBI who is in charge of the FBI joint terrorism task force, have said allegations are still being vetted and no determination has been made.

Speculation about Mateen’s sexuality started when a number of witnesses told the Orlando Sentinel they’d seen the shooter at the club long before June 12. Others said the same thing to CNN, placing him there years earlier. And performer Lisa Lane, a transgender woman who is regular at Latin Night at the Pulse, told The Advocate she recognized Mateen as one of her fans.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “The FBI is continuing to explore Mateen’s past, but investigators now believe the men who made the claims are not credible, or confused Mateen with someone else.”

If the FBI is right, it wouldn’t be the first time an LGBT person had made up claims related to a hate crime. While LGBT people are the most likely minority group to be targeted in a hate crime, a disturbing number of people have been caught inventing stories about being physically attacked, or having homophobic slurs used against them, or scrawled on dinner receipts or written on cakes.

Cord Cedeno was one of the first to come forward. He went on MSNBC and told Chris Hayes that he’d gotten messages from Mateen while on Grindr. “I can go take a lie detector test,” Cedeno told the Los Angeles Times. “I know for a fact Omar messaged me.” He also threw in a jab at the FBI, saying, “They let him go. They let him do this massacre. They could have arrested him.”

Jim Van Horn is one of the men who said he’d seen Mateen at the club. He told the Associated Press the FBI has never talked to him, and he dismissed the FBI’s trouble finding witnesses. "Nobody's going to say they slept with a terrorist and be on national TV," Van Horn told the Associated Press.

In fact, one man did tell Univision — while wearing a disguise and calling himself “Miguel” — that he’d slept with Mateen at a hotel and that there ought to be surveillance camera video of their comings and goings. Then gossip site TMZ reported Mateen is shown on video tape at the Ambassador Hotel, based on anonymous sources it claims to have at the hotel.

Three men in Fort Pierce, Mateen’s home town, told The Advocate they’d seen him on Grindr. Another man, a former classmate who was not identified, had told the Palm Beach Post that Mateen asked him out while they were both at the Indian River Community College police academy. The FBI hasn’t revealed on the record whether it interviewed any of them.

Source: The Advocate, June 25, 2016


joseph said...

...et pourtant la lumière blanche est bien composée de ces couleurs, très agitées évidemment!

another country said...

Je me souviens m'être dit en entendant la (désespérante) réaction du père* qu'il n'y avait pas de fumée sans feu... On connaît depuis "Inception" le rêve imbriqué dans un autre rêve, mais depuis Freud, on connaît le mensonge imbriqué dans un autre mensonge. C'est sans doute le cas ici ; je souscris à l'analyse de l'auteur de l'article.

* "Il revient à Dieu de châtier les homosexuels."

JiEL said...

Comme on dit: " Le fruit n'est pas tombé loin de l'arbre."

Quelle religion rétrograde, moyenâgeuse et hypocrite.
(Comme la plus part des religions)

Le père d'Omar a eu l'air si con lors de son entrevu. On voyait bien qu'il s'agissait d'un homme d'une autre époque.
Pas surprenant le «clash» de personnalité chez le tueur.

Bandes d'hypocrites: un ami vivant à Istambul (un canadien d'origine grec et gai) me racontait que les hommes y vivaient des doubles vies.
La femme assure la descendance et le foyer propre c'est son rôle.
Mossieur lui a un ou des copains vivants seuls dans des appartements où on s'adonne aux «plaisirs entre mecs» sans se soucier du Coran.

Que des hypocrites..

J'ai eu un amant chaleureux marocains pendant 6 mois.
Merde qu'il aimait baiser et embrassait comme un dieu.

Pour connaître par personne interposée deux ans plus tard qu'il faisait venir sa FEMME et son fils à Montréal.

Des hypocrites encore et encore.

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AC/DC : Coran continu ou Coran alternatif ?

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Il est plus que temps que cette religion de merde fasse «VOLT» face.

Plus ça va, plus elle «AMPÈRE»...

another country said...

Je sais qu'en banlieue (parisienne) la vie n'est pas toujours facile pour les jeunes gays issus de l'immigration, et notamment ceux de confession musulmane ou dont la famille est de confession musulmane. Dire qu'ils font le grand écart relève de la litote. Beaucoup ne sont gays qu'à Paris, cessent de l'être dès qu'ils rentrent chez eux et vivent une sexualité clandestine impossible à assumer au grand jour.

another country said...

Le Coran continu aime pourtant les ohms qui aiment les ohms...

JiEL said...

LOL! Je vous rend OHM-age mon char pour de dernier calambour que vous me glissez dans la «WATT»...

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J'avoue que j'ai du mal à faire la différence... entre toutes ces mesures...

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Le courant circule de borne en borne ,l' écoeurant de borné en borné !

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Et comme je m'y attendais, des rebondissements dans cette affaire -- qui est loin d'être close... Je poste un extrait de l'article de The Advocate.

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Avis complètement partagé, Saxo.