Friday, August 19, 2016

Group installs nude Donald Trump statues in US cities

INDECLINE erected statues in New York, San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Cleveland 
and Seattle overnight Thursday,
with the intent to humiliate Trump...

In an interview with the Washington Post, INDECLINE explained that they wanted to humiliate Donald Trump while nodding towards his authoritarian tendencies, as dictators often erect statues of themselves.

The artist behind the designs, Ginger, said he wanted to give Trump a “constipated look”. The statues show a veiny Trump with a saggy bottom. There are also specific details, such as a Masonic ring on his finger.(Source: The Guardian, August 18, 2016. Read more)


JiEL said...

LA vérité toute nue...

Mais ils auraient pu mettre qu'un buste avec sa «sale» bouche et le message aurait été aussi vrai.
Dès qu'il l'utilise, il salit tout avec ses paroles insipides de redneck américain ignare.

Big money but no brain..

another country said...

(... and no balls and a shrivelled prick.)

JiEL said...

With his kind of head, who needs a prick... LOL!!