Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Is NBC Turning the Olympics
Into (Censored) Porn?

Why Didn't NBC Point Out Dustin Lance Black,
Diver Tom Daley's Oscar-Winning Fiancé?

On Monday night, NBC did something that viewers who tune into the Olympics to watch sporting competition have long demanded: They passed over a human-interest story to focus on the action. Apparently, all you have to do to get the network to ignore you is be gay.
NBC’s rare moment of restraint came during its coverage of the men’s synchronized 10-meter platform diving event. As the British team of Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow exited the pool after their third dive, the camera scanned the crowd, alighting briefly on two people wearing bright red Team Daley T-shirts. No attempt was made to identify the pair, who were cheering politely; instead, color commentator Cynthia Potter analyzed a slow-motion replay of the Brits’ three and a half somersaults.
Who were the members of Team Daley? Daley’s mother, Debbie, and his fiancé Dustin Lance Black. That’s right, the screenwriter who won the Academy Award for best original screenplay in 2009 for Milk. Was NBC homophobic not to mention Black’s name? Could the network have resisted lingering over an Oscar-winner affianced to an Olympic medal-winner if the relationship didn’t involve two people of the same sex?

Do you really think they wouldn’t point out a diver’s celebrity fiancée if it were Marion Cotillard, Brie Larson, or another Oscar winner whose fame level was roughly commensurate with Black’s? (Slate, August 9, 2016. Read more)

Proud of my man.

Why NBC Sports Never Noted
Tom Daley Is an Out Athlete

"When an openly LGBT person achieves, it tells young LGBT people that their dreams are not limited by who they are or who they love.”

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley
LGBT people are celebrating Tom Daley’s Olympic medal win — but a firestorm is brewing about NBC Sports never mentioning that Daley is an out gay man.
The Advocate first reported the disappointment shared by some online as they watched NBC’s broadcast on Monday night, which lasted nearly an hour without an announcer noting that Daley is an Olympic hero to LGBT people. Even as American screenwriter and Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black cheered in the audience, the announcers never identified him as Daley’s fiancé.
Slate published a pointed criticism today, headlined, “How Do You Get NBC to Ignore a Human Interest Story? Have the Humans Be Gay.”

NBC Sports officials don’t think they made an error. A spokesperson told The Advocate, “With more than 11,000 athletes at the Games, it isn’t always possible to identify every competitor’s significant other, regardless of their sexual orientation.”
The spokesperson didn’t comment on why Daley himself wasn’t identified as gay.
For his part, Black — who is a well-known activist in his own right — told The Advocate from Rio de Janeiro that while it might have been “curious” for NBC to pass over Daley’s significance, he hasn’t been able to watch any of the coverage himself. 
“I haven’t watched any of NBC’s coverage, so it’s tough to make an informed comment,” he said. “I’m here to support Tom and his family here in Rio. Period.”
Black won an Academy Award for the 2008 film Milk, about famed LGBT rights activist Harvey Milk. And he was a founding board member for the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which took California’s Proposition 8 case all the way the Supreme Court. The leader of that group, Chad Griffin, went on to become the head of the Human Rights Campaign.
Throughout the broadcast, Black could be seen sitting with family in the stands, watching intently as Daley would win the bronze alongside Dan Goodfellow in the synchronized 10-meter platform. For Black, it’s been less nerve-racking than he might have expected.
“This is the moment Tom has been training for since I met him nearly four years ago,” he toldThe Advocate. “He’s worked so incredibly hard for this moment. So I’ve honestly been less nervous for him here in Rio than I’ve been at any other competition, because I know he’s ready for this. So as I’m watching him compete, well, as we say in Texas, I’m just so proud of him I could burst.”
And Black is sure that other LGBT people will be proud of Daley too.
“When an openly LGBT person achieves,” he said, “it tells young LGBT people that their dreams are not limited by who they are or who they love.” (The Advocate, August 9, 2016. Read more)

NBC Sports has a gay problem

Whether it's with Olympic coverage or NFL commentary, NBC Sports fails the LGBT community over and over again.

It's been apparent for years.
When Australian diver Matthew Mitcham won gold in the 10-meter platform in Beijing, stopping a Chinese sweep of diving gold on the final dive of the sport's final event, NBC Sports, the perennial broadcaster in the United States of the Olympic Games, failed to mention Mitcham's partner in the stands despite highlighting the partners of other straight athletes. Even worse, the network failed to mention that Mitcham was the only publicly out gay-male athlete at the Games.
When called on it, NBC first argued that the network doesn't discuss sexual orientation (despite the historic nature of Mitcham's win) then offered a terse two-sentence "apology."
Eight years later, nothing has changed at NBC. The network failed to identify Dustin Lance Black in the audience of the men's synchro diving finals as bronze-medalist Tom Daley's fiancé. Not boyfriend, not long-time friend... fiancé. And an Oscar-winning fiancé at that (read: public interest). They are, arguably, the "it" couple of the gay community, yet NBC didn't mention a word. (Source: Outsports, Cid Zeigler, August 10, 2016. Read more...)

Team GB: The Diving Boys 


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