Saturday, August 20, 2016

the paths of glory

The moment Tom Daley lost his gold medal.

Tom Daley has made a shock early exit from the Rio Olympics 10m platform diving, as he failed to make the finals, placing 18th, last, in the semi-finals today, with a score of 403.25.

Tom's performance today will leave many wondering, "What the hell happened?"
Was it over-confidence after his spectacular performance on Friday? That happens with the best of athletes, posting a personal best then turning around the next morning and flubbing the performance. Is there some of that element here? It's possible. Again, it happens to everyone at some point.
Was it all the attention he suddenly received overnight? Doubtful. Daley has been doing this for a long time, as he discussed in a great spot on NBC that aired Friday night. It's hard to believe this guy let the pressure and attention get to him.
Apparently Daley's fiance, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, rewarded his boyfriend after every successful round of diving with a chocolate bar. Maybe Daley is just tired of chocolate?
Daley explained it in a way that a lot of athletes can understand. Sometimes you just don't have the hot hand:
I truly am heartbroken, because I really do feel I'm in peak physical condition, and I could have gone out there and won tonight. It's really hard to accept how it went today.
When I'm up on the board, I'm completely present in the moment; today things just weren't clicking. I was giving it my all, I was so up for it today - training beforehand was really good, but in the competition it just fell apart.
It didn't feel any different, I guess my mind and body weren't connecting. I knew I had a shot on the last dive still, and I gave it my all, it just didn't happen today.'
Whatever the reason, fans will be shaking their heads, and the diving world will be long questioning how Daley, who finished with a bronze in London and looked like a solid bet for at least a top-five finish in the final, finished last in the semifinal.
Still, at only 22 years old, Daley is already thinking ahead to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Hopefully he can put today behind him, go win some World Championships and bring him an Olympic gold in four years. (Source: Outsports, Cyd Ziegler, August 20, 2016. Read more)


another country said...

(I'm devastated. I've been all afternoon. Damnit! You're Tom Daley, for Christ Sake!!!!)

JiEL said...

I'm so sad!


He's still young and will come back better soon.

AOM said...

I am heartbroken for him, too. I was hoping he'd get the gold - or at least a medal. I was afraid that being so perfect on Friday, he might have a let down. It's happened to me in the sports I've played. I hope he goes to Tokyo.

another country said...

That's a long shot but I hope he makes the right decision and goes to Tokyo -- and grab the gold! Tom, we LUV you! :)

joseph said...

et même là les deux meneurs ont souri après l'échec du dernier plongeon ! triste ou la joie de voir éliminé un de leurs plus sérieux concurrents