Tuesday, November 01, 2016

On my Christmas wish list

Mission Lamp

The geometric design in the shade is beautifully crafted in the traditional
stained glass process. The neutral palette and pyramid shape
will equally beautify an office or a bedroom. Sold by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Desk Lamp

Handcrafted in the "Tiffany" style using stained glass that is
hand wrapped and soldered with copper foil. Sold by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Mission Arrow Lamp

The stained glass shades are crafted of real glass and
hand foiled in the traditional Tiffany style. Sold by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Source: Shop Wright. Every purchase supports the restoration,
preservation, and education programs of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust.


another country said...

Vous me direz que Noël n'est que dans un mois, mais vu le prix desdites lampes...

another country said...

Un mois et 23 jours...

JiEL said...

Merci pour ce bel éclairage....

Je suis un grand fan de F. L. Wright depuis des années (1970+)

Yves said...

prix desdites lampes... vu le concepteur, normal !