Friday, May 26, 2017

it gets better

Husband Of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Takes His Place
Alongside Spouses Of World Leaders

The spouses of world leaders might not seem very important. But at a NATO summit in Brussels this week, Gauthier Destenay—husband of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel—took his place alongside Brigitte Macron of France, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, and yes, Melania Trump at a dinner for the First Ladies and Queen at the royal castle in Laeken.
And that matters.
Source: New Now Next, May 26, 2017

May 27 UPDATE: White House Deliberately Omits Luxembourg’s Gay First Gentleman From NATO Spouse Portrait
Photo agencies ran the above photo from the event, labeling all those in attendance. But when the White House posted its portrait on Facebook, it left Destenay out.
“I took these screenshots myself at 6:02PM on May 27, 2017,” Gay Writes posted. “The photo has been on Facebook for seven hours. Dozens of people have commented asking for a correction. It still has not been fixed.” (Source: NewNowNext. Read more.)

A Happily Married Couple since 2015

Gauthier Destenay and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (right) married in 2015


JiEL said...

This si such wonderful to see HIM attending that gathering of «spouses».

Sure that he'll be very well accepted and liked by those ladies.
For sure, our first lady of Canada will be a good ear for him.
Our Prime Minister and his wife are huge fans of the LGBT rights in Canada. Attending every Gay Prides all over our country.

What a very good picture and example for ALL LGBT youngsters to see
that everything is possible in our FREE WORLD.

Thanks for sharing.

Ernest Villa said...

Sometime the News Media over looks item that do matter to a new generation.thank you