Monday, June 26, 2017

The Fine Art of Travel

RMS Majestic

RMS Queen Mary's bridge

RMS Britannic

SS Deutschland

SS Michelangelo and SS Raffaello

SS Lusitania

SS Mauretania

SS Majestic

SS Rex

SS France

SS Rex

SS Liberté

SS Normandie

SS United States

RMS Queen Elizabeth

RMS Queen Mary


Jimmy J said...

This is your second post of luxury liners, and there is one conspicuously missing (no, not Titanic), the SS United States. She still holds the luxury liner speed record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. What is left of her is docked in Philadelphia, PA. I first noticed her while bicycling along the river some years ago. I did some research - she was really something. She is just a empty creaky old lady now, nobody wants her, her hollow shell just sits there and rusts now. So sad.

Esta Noche said...

Thanks for this heartfelt comment, Jimmy. The SS United States as featured in my previous post.

joseph said...

Au moins ces navires étaient bien proportionnés!

Esta Noche said...

Je suis heureux de voir que ces posts remportent un succès non négligeable (de nombreux downloads) auprès de mon maigre lectorat. La preuve qu'il n'y a pas que les bogoss qui séduisent sur ce blog. :)

Esta Noche said...

*was featured