Thursday, January 25, 2018

Poignant, stirring, beautiful, delicate, heartwarming, sensitive... I'm still reeling.

“What’s wrong with a night out in Bradford?” 24-year-old Johnny (O’Connor) asks his gruff man-of-the-soil dad Martin (Ian Hart), only to be sharply told that the very idea is “daft.” Johnny isn’t exactly shooting for the stars in attempting to broaden his life’s very narrow horizons, but Bradford may as well be Las Vegas compared to the daily grind on the failing family sheep farm in wind-lashed northern England. To his evident frustration, he shares a roof with Martin and his grandmother Deidre, his mother long absent from the picture.
With most of his peers having fled the region for brighter lights, Johnny’s social life is limited to nightly binge-drinking at the local pub, and swift, wordless sexual encounters with willing lads in the back of a van. 
What’s most bracing about “God’s Own Country” is the complex agency it grants its protagonist in unlocking his true desires. Rather than over-exerting well-worn clichés about rural homophobia, Lee’s script reveals pockets of tolerance in unexpected places; Johnny’s slowness to accept himself, meanwhile, seems the greater threat to his happiness.
Intimacy doesn’t come naturally to a man who has been raised in a household where caring is expressed through work; as captured in close-up by DP Joshua James Richards’ perceptive camera, even a gesture as innocuous as two fingertips grazing each other is a dramatic moment... 
Source: Variety, Guy Lodge, January 21, 2017

Gheorghe and Johnny: Unvoiced fears about the future.


JiEL said...

Haaaaaa! Ces petits fermiers aux odeurs de la ferme avec quelques brindilles de foin dans la craque......

Merci pour la découverte.

GayFred37 said...

Très beau film, en effet !!! Une nouvelle version du superbe BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (Avec lequel j’ai pleuré presque 30 fois, dont trois fois en Grande-Bretagne !!!) ! Je n’ai pu voir SEULE LA TERRE qu’une seule fois sur grand écran, et je le regrette profondément !!! Cette histoire est encore plus réaliste, plus vraie, plus forte que l’admirable film de Ang LEE !