Monday, April 19, 2021


JiEL said...

USA is that only country where mass shootings is accuring almost every day.

Many Americans are «pro-life» anti abortion but most of them are also pro Second Amendment for their damn right to bare weapons.
This is such a non sense but it's the American way of seeing their «Liberty of individual choice» even against the good of the others.

Add to this their racism, sexism and bigottery and you have a seed for a civil war.

On January 6 2021 we just had a climps of the fire that is hidding among those narrow minded and non educated deplorables that can burst in violence even when they hear and see fake conspiracy theories from nowhere like Qanon.

In all, they deserve all that pain as their leaders are never able to overcome this way of thinking and their citizens are powerless to do anything to stop violence.

What a «Land of Liberty» my «a...s»

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